Thunderstorm Local Lightning Sensor TSS928

Superior performance for aviation

Accurate, local lightning detection is a critical aspect of airport operations. Advanced awareness of potential lightning threats allow you to assess risks quickly, circulate advance warnings in a timely manner, initiate safety procedures more efficiently, and isolate airport equipment with full confidence. Key features:

  • 30-mile best-accuracy range
  • Differentiates between cloud, intra-cloud, and cloud-to-ground lightning
  • 98% detection efficiency for storms within 12 miles presenting three or more discharges
  • Patented optical signal processing and proprietary optical-coincidence technology prevent false alarms
  • Zero false lightning reports for properly installed and maintained sensors

TSS928 meets ASOS requirements and delivers the superior performance that aviation operations require from local area lightning tracking.

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TSS928 is the ideal complement to a modern weather network and provides the most accurate lightning detection available. Contact us now to learn how you can integrate it into your operations and protect what’s most important.