Lightning Detection Sensors

    Highest Accuracy

    Over the past 30 years, Vaisala has developed the most accurate lightning detection network available. At the heart of its ability to gather comprehensive real-time lightning data for almost any location on the planet is industry leading sensor technology. These sensors can build a network that delivers greater detection capabilities while requiring 70% less equipment to do so.

    We also understand that not all lightning starts from miles away. In the uncommon event that a thunderstorm forms directly overhead, Vaisala also has sensors that can detect this right away and provide immediate notification so users can act quickly.

    More with less

    Vaisala sensors use a combination of magnetic direction finding and time-of-arrival techniques to deliver superior detection efficiency, optimal location accuracy and system redundancy. The technology delivers significantly greater accuracy and requires 70% fewer sensors. This saves users in total cost of ownership, installation, site hosting, and hardware maintenance, and provides them with a more sustainable solution.

    Real-time data

    Vaisala lightning detection sensors capture more of the real-time lightning data required for effective early alerts, lightning reports, and accurate risk modeling, policy planning, and incident investigations. They deliver more precise data around more lightning strikes in every thunderstorm. Vaisala lightning detection technology is utilized in more than 45 countries — including by the U.S. National Weather Service and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) for over 25 years — to maximize productivity and keep people safe.

    Lightning expertise

    Vaisala lightning networks are built on 80-plus years of experience in weather measurement technology from operational experienced meteorologists, weather technology experts, and PhDs in meteorology and lightning physics. This is why the scientifically-proven Vaisala technology sets and maintains the world standards for lightning detection.

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