Offshore Wind

Taking wind energy into the new frontier.

Purpose-built and ready

Offshore is wind energy’s new frontier, with governments and investors around the world making significant commitments to expand beyond land. But with this increased enthusiasm come high stakes: In harsh, distant environments, wind developers and operators need the world’s best technology and complete environmental awareness.

Anchored by the WindCube lidar suite, Vaisala’s offshore portfolio provides the flexibility and accuracy required for many purposes, from wind resource assessment, pre-construction, and contractual power curve testing to permanent wind monitoring, research and development, and turbine testing and control.

Our related sensors and data services further enhance the power of WindCube, providing a one-stop, comprehensive solution offering unlike any other. With this range of capabilities, seamless integrations, and global trust, Vaisala is the go-to resource for maritime build-up anywhere on the globe.

Key benefits for offshore include:

  • Safety, compliance, and speed for offshore build-up, turbine installs, and maintenance operations
  • Competitive advantages for ambitious developers and operators looking to seize global demand for offshore wind energy
  • Versatility and ruggedness for the harshest marine environments and delicate operations
WindCube Offshore

WindCube is made for offshore


WindCube is already the industry’s most recognized, validated, and preferred lidar. Today, it is accelerating offshore innovations and making it more profitable, efficient, and reliable.

For example, WindCube Scan’s Dual Lidar Ready capability has unlocked unprecedented accuracy and flexibility for assessing offshore campaigns. WindCube Offshore, a ruggedized, purpose-built version of the WindCube vertical profiler, is suitable for mounting on buoys, permanent structures, or ships. These and other technologies demonstrate Vaisala’s forethought in enabling wind energy leaders to seize the offshore frontier with confidence.

Cover image of Leosphere leveraging lidar for offshore wind energy eBook

Why Choose WindCube for Offshore Wind Measurement

This eBook details how the WindCube suite of lidars are valuable tools to support any stage of the offshore wind lifecycle.


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