Offshore Wind Measurement

The WindCube® series provides single-source solutions for almost any need in offshore development and operations. It helps make offshore wind farms not just technically feasible, but financially sound.

WindCube is made for offshore.

Wind energy is moving offshore, and the WindCube series gives developers and operators the power of the industry’s best lidar. There is a WindCube lidar to support every phase of an offshore project, from wind resource assessment, pre-construction, and contractual power curve testing to permanent wind monitoring, research and development, and turbine testing and control.

Its key benefits include:

  • The best wind data available, validated by 100+ independent studies and accepted by all international standards and guidelines
  • IEC compliance for contractual performance testing
  • Bankable data that reduces uncertainty and ensures more successful projects
  • Outstanding ruggedness and flexibility over a long service life
  • Data at your fingertips with intuitive, cloud-based management software
Cover image of Leosphere leveraging lidar for offshore wind energy eBook

Why Choose WindCube for Offshore Wind Measurement

This eBook details how the WindCube suite of lidars are valuable tools to support any stage of the offshore wind lifecycle.

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