Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Humidity Multigas Probe MGP261

for smart control of biogas quality

Get more value out of waste by improved decision-making, and by reducing your operating costs. Vaisala CARBOCAP® MGP261 Multigas Probe for Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Humidity helps in improving your process and in protecting the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine. The MGP261 probe is compact in size, Ex certified, and can be installed directly into the gas line without the need for sample treatment.

The measurement probe is suitable for applications such as anaerobic digestion of landfill, industrial and municipal waste, wastewater treatment, CHP engine monitoring, as well as active carbon filter monitoring.

Key Benefits

Get more value out of waste

Increase profits through optimizing the process: the compact MGP261 probe can simultaneously measure all three main biogas components — methane, carbon dioxide, and humidity — giving you a full picture of the biogas quality. 

Keep operating costs in control

Reduce CHP engine maintenance and downtime through reliable humidity control.

Install in situ

Accurate and reliable Ex certified measurement directly in the process pipeline; easy to install and fits into any system.

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