Turn on your bio-engine – increasing the profitability of your biogas process

Biogas Production
Industrial Measurements

Watch this on-demand webinar anytime to learn new methods to optimize the process between anaerobic digestion and the combined heat and power engine. Vaisala’s Product Manager Antti Heikkilä explains in detail the crucial measurement points related to humidity, methane, and carbon dioxide, and demonstrates how biogas production can be more profitable while keeping operating expenses to a minimum.


  • Waste to value
  • Typical measurement challenges and the importance of measurement
  • The key measurement points for humidity, methane, and carbon dioxide
  • Installation examples

Who is this for?
This webinar is essential if you work with the biogas industry as part of an engineering company; as a CHP engine integrator, filter, or scrubber manufacturer; or as a manager of a biogas or landfill gas plant. However, anyone who works in the biogas industry or is interested in making biogas production more profitable should register.

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For more details about Vaisala's role in the biogas industry, visit www.vaisala.com/biogas.

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Antti Heikkilä

Antti Heikkilä is a Product manager at Vaisala, focusing on multigas infrared instruments and new market areas. He has over 15 years of experience in process and emission monitoring instruments and infrared gas analysis and holds a M.Sc. degree in Physical Chemistry. He is an active member of multiple international standardization workgroups (both ISO and CEN) on air quality and greenhouse gas measurements.