Data Management Unit DMU801

Make weather observation networks easy to configure, integrate and scale by enabling high-quality observation and future readiness with plug-and-play simplicity.


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    Monitor and control environmental data

    Vaisala Data Management Unit DMU801 makes observation networks easy to create and manage. Adaptable for use in any weather station, DMU801 is the heart of the AWS810 Automatic Weather Station — the industry’s only complete, standardized weather station with modular flexibility. DMU801 makes it easy to integrate reference-grade and supplemental sensors into efficient hybrid networks.

    The solution delivers a highly secure access point for creating fully-integrated weather stations, hydrological stations and other systems collecting environmental data. Through its open architecture, DMU801 can be configured to send observation data for analysis and visualization to Vaisala Observation Network Manager NM10 or any desired customer system. This flexibility gives you freedom to decide how to build your observation network.



    DMU801 features an open, secure and integrated architecture — ideal for a range of purposes and configurations. The easy-to-use, graphical development tool and state-of-the-art web interface simplify device configuration and management.

    As technology and your needs change, DMU801 responds with its highly modular and expandable design, making it easy to integrate Vaisala and other sensors and interfaces. Its robust design ensures reliable operation over decades of service life.


    Data Management Unit DMU801


    Cybersecurity and data integrity are built into DMU801’s design, with comprehensive system security from hardware design to operational software even at the user level. This unique approach fortifies data management and data sources, while frequent firmware updates keep connected devices secure.

    DMU801 ensures uptime and proactive system management through self-diagnostics including supply voltages, internal temperature and sensor statuses, plus continuous network sensor monitoring and automated error notification.


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    Vaisala is the trusted leader in weather observation solutions, backed by 85+ years of experience in meteorological observation with unrivaled R&D investment. We engage in regular collaborations with meteorological agencies on development and optimization, sharing lessons and insights to bring real solutions to the challenges of today.

    Comprehensive training and end-to-end partnership are standard. We make support accessible both virtually and locally with 24/7/365 support and a local presence around the globe.

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