Ceilometer CL61 for

boundary layer measurements

Improving urban and industrial air quality awareness with precise cloud height and profiling data, plus advanced particulate differentiation.

Critical insights for air quality management

Atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) assessment provides visibility into highly influential, specific weather phenomena that are often more difficult to assess and predict than broad meteorological patterns. These phenomena are especially important to air quality and pollution management.

Vaisala’s CL61 is a first-of-its-kind ceilometer, combining crucial cloud height and profile data with advanced depolarization for precipitation and particulate differentiation. This puts CL61 in a class of its own and enables agencies, governments, and companies to operate more intelligently and efficiently than ever before.

CL61 is easy to integrate, cost-effective, and backed by Vaisala’s globally trusted sensor technology and service capabilities. It has already shown itself to be a critical tool across many use cases.

Top 5 reasons why CL61 depolarization capability is important

Revolutionary depolarization

CL61’s unique depolarization capability provides outstanding benefits unavailable with any other ceilometer:

  • Differentiates liquid and solid cloud and precipitating particles
  • Detects the melting layer
  • Allows tracking of dust, sand, and volcanic ash layers
  • More accurately resolves mixed aerosol layers in the boundary layer Improves general understanding of atmospheric conditions

To do this, CL61 uses attenuated backscatter profiles measured in two polarization directions to calculate the depolarization ratio. Its optical system allows for a high signal-to-noise ratio and enables reporting of detailed vertical profiles for the full range, up to 15.4 km (9.6 mi).

Today, CL61 is widely trusted and used for some of the most innovative applications, including real-time monitoring of ongoing volcanic activity and enhanced urban pollution tracking.

Air quality in cities

Air quality in cities can vary significantly due to different microclimates, pollution sources ad geographies. Watch the video for more information.

Critical insights for air quality management

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