Connecting communities to the environment

The ultimate guide to modern, dense air quality networks

Air quality is urgent for everyone

The benefits of enhanced air quality measurement go beyond health and safety. With the right access to the right information, people gain a deeper connection to their environment and new ways of thinking about business and community.

This guide explains the principles, benefits, and technologies of dense air quality sensor networks, which are key to enabling modern, effective air quality management. Readers will walk away with an understanding of:

  • The many purposes of air quality management, including health, traffic, public awareness, and infrastructure
  • The crucial relationship between air quality and weather
  • How to build a dense air quality network
  • The components of Vaisala’s air quality monitoring systems

Air quality has never been more important, and the technology for assessing it has never been better. Download the guide now and learn how smarter, healthier communities are possible almost anywhere.

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