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Flow cell selector

Flow Cell Selector is an Excel work sheet that allows you to check the flow velocity on prism and select the best suited flow cell options for your application.

Open: Flow cell selector (Excel)

How to use the Flow Cell Selector

  • Select the industry.
  • Select the measurements in metrics or inches.
  • Enter the flow rate Q and Pipe size values in the white boxes. The program checks the flow velocity and gives you suitable flow cell options for these flow conditions.

How to use the Flow Cell Selector

  • You can use the Flow Cell Selector and enter a flow cell inlet diameter and flow rate Q values in the white boxes in order to determine what would be the recommended flow velocity on prism for that option.

Manuals, Instructions and Videos

Please note that it is the user’s responsibility to follow manufacturer’s safety and operating instructions. The client’s organization has the responsibility to develop and maintain occupational safety and create a safety culture where individuals are expected to follow safety instructions at all times. Any negligence towards safety instructions or failure to comply with safe practices should not be tolerated. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to produce goods that are safe to use when instructions are followed.

Our Manuals, Instructions and Videos have been divided based on the following product model categories:

Process Refractometer PR-43-A/P/G

Process Refractometers PR-33-AC/S

Process Refractometer PR-23-A/G/M/W/RP
SAFE-DRIVE Refractometer PR-23-SD

Fieldbus Junction Box

Digital Divert Control System DD-23

Digital Divert Control System DD-01

Field Communicator FC-11

Process Refractometer PR-21-S

Process Refractometer PR-03

Process Refractometer PR-01-S

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

The MSDS for the Refractive Index Liquids sold by Vaisala are shipped with our RI liquid sets and is available also on this page, and on manufacturer's (Cargille) homepage.

Material Safety Data Sheets for EU/EEA

Prepared by Cargille Laboratories
Complete safety datasheet provides information about the contents of the liquids, storage, first aid measures in case of exposure. This datasheet is delivered with the package.

Material Safety Data Sheets for USA

The MSDS for the Refractive Index Liquids sold by Vaisala are shipped with our RI liquid sets, but the information is also available on the manufacturer's homepage. You can download the appropriate MSDS on, choose the correct RI series from the drop-down box that says "Refractive Index Liquids".

Safety Information Summary (PDF)
Prepared by Vaisala
This summary provides an overview of safety precautions.