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Have the Vaisala Power offering at your substation (USA Only)

For a limited time, we will be bringing the OPT100 Mobile DGA and the entire Vaisala Power offering to your substation.  

Trailblazing the way in online predictive maintenance for transformers. With zero-maintenance, no consumables, and vacuum gas extraction system,  the Vaisala OPT100 Mobile helps you prioritize your transformer fleet while reducing unintended labor costs.  Click below to talk to one of our representatives and, book the OPT100 mobile to come to your substation at no cost to you. 

OPT100 Mobile Road Show

Get to know the worlds first mobile DGA Solution

Countless organizations purchase DGA monitoring equipment with a single transformer in mind.  Vaisala's OPT100 Mobile keeps your organization thinking ahead of the curve while maximizing your return on investments. Constructed on the foundation of over 30 years of industry-leading moisture-in-oil and dewpoint measurement technology, the OPT100 Mobile, is the DGA solution that every substation maintenance team deserves.  

It is the only mobile online multi-gas DGA and is available for monitoring with our USA customers exclusively.  The solution comes with built-in remote communications and integrated analytical tools. Installation is easy, with teams able to connect and commission in under 2 hours, ensuring a smooth transition from one transformer to another.   With the same quality of measurement as the OPT100 fixed solution, the OPT100 Mobile is guaranteed to help your team respond effectively and efficiently while making accurate decisions to prolong the life-cycle of your transformers.



Customer Case: AES Indiana uses mobile DGA solution to gain insight into aging transformers

AES Indiana used Vaisala’s Optimus™ Mobile multi-gas DGA Monitor, the OPT100 Mobile and Delta-X Research’s Transformer Oil Analyst™ software with Monitor Watch™ to detect and identify faults on a suspect transformer. This was done without taking the transformer offline by using a mobile DGA online monitor and feeding its information to a cloud-based analytic software tool.

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Stay ahead of the curve!

The OPT100 Mobile

Stay ahead of the curve with these key features. 

  • NIDR self calibrating/reference ensures long term stable measurement
  • Site specific Oil calibration functions provides better accuracy and minimizes cross sensitivity
  • Vacuum gas extraction ensure better precision and accuracy
  • Maintenance free design means no consumables or manual calibrations
  • Multi-gas online DGA provides 7 fault gas analysis and integrated Analytical software

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The latest news from the Vaisala Power Team

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OPT100 Mobile Webinar

Webinar: The ins and outs of the OPT100 Mobile

Join Regional Sales Manager, Lee Doyle in understanding the benefits of a mobile DGA monitor and how the OPT100 Mobile brings unmatched long term stability, reliability and measurement performance to your organization.

Key takeaways include
• Logistical Benefits of a mobile DGA solution
• A synopsis on groundbreaking technology
• Deployment of the OPT100 Mobile in the field
• How the OPT100 Mobile can benefit your asset monitoring

USA Power Brochure

Download and take anywhere! Vaisala's Indigo 500 series integrated with the MHT410 identifies H2 and moisture in oil within you transformer at its earliest phase.  Stay ahead of costly transformer replacement with the world's first transportable online DGA monitor, the OPT100 Mobile.  Start implementing predictive maintenance within your business by downloading our power brochure today.  

The MHT410

Online Single Gas and Moisture Device 

The MHT410 is a ruggedized "in-oil" measurement device that guarantees reliable long-term Hydrogen and Moisture measurements with no maintenance. It is the ideal first step to extending the life of a transformer through the implementation of predictive maintenance.  Designed for standalone use or with the OPT100 Mobile platform for reliable Hydrogen (H2) and Moisture in Oil (PPM and %RS) measurements.  TheMHT410 can be installed in under 30 minutes and can be paired with the Indigo500 transmitter for added functionality.  Click below for the full data sheet!


Optimus DGA OPT100

The OPT100

The world's first maintenance free multi-gas online DGA Monitor requiring no consumables of any kind. 

  • No carrier or calibration gasses to monitor and replace regularly
  • No internal column or measurement components to replace periodically
  • No fixed filters/filter wheels, membranes or capillary tubes that will wear out or need replacement
  • Long term reliable measurements with internal auto-calibration functionality 



Featured Webinar: Measuring Total Gas Pressure

Webinar: Improved DGA Monitoring- Measuring Total Gas Pressure

Join Vaisala Senior Industry Expert, Senja Leivo to gain in-depth knowledge regarding:

  • Effect of oxygen in transformer insulation system
  • Source of oxygen and traditional method to measure it
  • Total gas pressure, a new method to detect air leaks in transformers
  • TGP in relation to O2/N2 ratio
  • Several case examples

High Voltage Asset Monitoring

Along with the OPT100 Mobile, it is important to consider support technology.    

Vaisala OPT100 Optimus™ DGA Monitor

Optimus™ DGA Monitor OPT100

Advanced DGA
The world’s first maintenance-free multi-gas DGA monitor now comes with the groundbreaking, robustly reliable  total gas pressure...
MMP8 probe head and body

Moisture in oil probe MMP8

for continuous online measurement
Smart and robust. That’s Vaisala MMP8. Powered by the Vaisala HUMICAP® sensor technology, it has become a...

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