GBON-compliant instruments and intelligence

Surface and upper air observations for all, in compliance with the GBON SOFF initiative.


    Observations for weather resilience


    The Global Basic Observing Network (GBON) is a worldwide network of weather stations and observing systems that provide essential meteorological data for weather forecasting, climate monitoring, and research purposes. The Systematic Observations Financing Facility (SOFF) provides long-term financial and technical assistance to promote the collection and exchange of essential weather and climate data in compliance with GBON.

    The goal of the combined GBON SOFF initiative is to ensure that every nation and small island developing state has access to the weather and climate observations needed for early warnings and true resilience against the increasing challenges of severe weather that threaten lives and property.

    Vaisala provides comprehensive, gold-standard weather and environmental observation solutions that do more than meet the requirements for GBON compliance. Combined with comprehensive training, global network of local support, and our unmatched philosophy of partnership, Vaisala has you covered every step of the way.

    Through 85+ years of weather measurement expertise and innovation, our future-proof and GBON-compliant solutions have stood the test of time and the harshest of environments to become the industry’s most trusted — in 170+ countries, from the North Pole to the South Pole and on Mars.





    Vaisala has a long history of technology integrated in World Meteorological Organization (WMO) networks. Safeguard your 10-year SOFF compliance-phase funding by meeting GBON station operational requirements, including sensor availability, quality observations, and data-reporting frequency. Our meteorological observation instruments are also fully ISO 14001 and ISO-9001:2015 certified. 

    All of the offerings below comply with GBON tender specifications for AWS and upper-air stations. 

    • Robust design is tested to provide accurate and reliable weather data with minimal maintenance requirements — even in the most extreme environments
    • One-stop-shop approach simplifies the procurement process and ensures your GBON-compliant observation network provides excellent performance for years to come
    • Comprehensive training sets you up for success from the beginning and helps you operate with confidence across the life of the solution
    • Local, 24/7/365 support from our worldwide network keeps you covered if questions arise
    • Industry-leading data security keeps your weather data intact 

    GBON-SOFF compliant solutions:

    Automatic Weather Station AWS810 enables modern, high-quality surface weather observation networks anywhere in the world. This comprehensive measurement, communication and data monitoring solution makes modern observation networks easy to create, manage and maintain over a long lifespan. 

    Cirrus® Sounding System MW51 is the modern standard for receiving, processing and visualizing data from world-class Vaisala radiosondes for the most accurate upper-air observations — critical to global weather observations, forecasts and climate studies. 

    Upper Air Radiosondes RS41 and RS41 E-models provide upper air weather measurement data including temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind speed and direction, even in the most demanding weather conditions. RS41 is the most widely used as the GRUAN reference grade radiosonde, and our RS41 E-models are the industry’s first to use 66% less plastics with uncompromising performance. 

    Autosonde® AS41 works seamlessly with Radiosondes RS41 and RS41 E-models, and provides round-the-clock sounding data even in the harshest conditions and most remote locations. AS41 saves more than 1,800 staff hours each year compared to a manually operated sounding station. 



    Vaisala training services


    Improving national resiliency by properly applying weather observation solutions can save billions of dollars and thousands of lives. To ensure the sustainability of your investment, our comprehensive solutions include products, full system delivery, training, and maintenance support for even the most demanding environments and applications.

    Vaisala experts work with you to understand your needs and your operating environment to design the right complement of instruments and intelligence so you can protect what matters.

    Our training services set you up for success from the very beginning, and we make sure your team is equipped with knowledge and confidence. Should questions arise after implementation, our global network of local service providers can support you whenever and wherever you need it.



    GBON-SOFF compliant solutions


    At Vaisala, we strive for sustainability in everything we do — from environmental stewardship in our buildings and manufacturing processes to the longevity of our products. With more than 85 years of expertise, we develop weather and environmental solutions that stand the test of time.

    This means you can depend on Vaisala for real solutions that outlast the elements. That’s what we call future-proof.

    • Products: Long lifetime, low maintenance and low consumables save materials and ensure strong performance through the most extreme operating environments
    • Support: Our worldwide network of local service partners keeps your operations running smoothly even as technology and your needs evolve
    • Buildings: All of our manufacturing facilities run on 100% clean energy
    • Manufacturing: We reduce waste and reuse materials at every opportunity

    Vaisala received the Carnegie Sustainability Award in 2022 acknowledging both sustainable business practices and the positive handprint of the business, generated by Vaisala’s products. Moreover, Sustainalytics addressed Vaisala’s ESG Risk Rating to be 9.6 (negligible risk), which means placing in the 5th percentile in the electronics equipment industry.


    Meteorological Capacity Building Helps Predict the Unpredictable

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