Autosonde AS41

Make accurate weather forecasts with the leading automatic sounding system and its unrivaled accuracy and reliability.

    World’s Leading Sounding System

    Upper air soundings provide the crucial data necessary for a complete atmospheric weather profile that leads to accurate forecasting. However, manually operating sounding stations in remote locations is difficult and expensive, especially during harsh weather — unless you implement the Autosonde® AS41 from Vaisala.

    It works seamlessly with Vaisala’s Radiosonde RS41, which features world-leading data accuracy, and advanced temperature and humidity sensors that ensure dependability.

    The Autosonde® AS41 is designed to provide round-the-clock sounding data even in the harshest conditions and most remote locations. Fully automated sounding operations mean there is no need for in-person data collection. This saves money and time — more than 1,800 staff hours each year compared to a manually operated sounding station.


    The Highest Quality Data

    Autosonde® AS41 provides unparalleled data:

    • Utilizes Vaisala’s world-class RS41 Radiosonde and MW41 Sounding System
    • Eliminates human error with automatic ground checking
    • Offers performance that is fully comparable to Vaisala’s manual sounding solutions

    These sounding stations from Vaisala are proven to work at the highest level of continuous operational efficiency and reliability with zero downtime.


    Unbeatable Cost Efficiency

    The Autosonde® AS41 from Vaisala is an unbeatable, cost-effective solution. It helps you realize cost-efficient operations and:

    • Saves 1,800 on-site staff hours per year
    • Features 1 to 2 months’ capacity with 60 radiosonde trays
    • Offers 4 months of controlled storage capacity for unloaded consumables

    Reliability in Harsh Conditions

    Depend on this reliable solution in all weather conditions. The Autosonde® AS41 from Vaisala offers:

    • 24/7 accuracy and dependability, even in the harshest, most remote conditions
    • Advanced diagnostics
    • Maximum data availability through remote monitoring

    Safe & Easy to Use

    Experience safer operations with the Autosonde® AS41:

    • It fulfills common European guidelines (ATEX, Machinery) for safe working environments
    • Gas lines are always located outside the container
    • It provides clear visual instructions and an intuitive interface
    Highest Level Operational Efficiency

    WEBINAR: Get the Highest Level of Operational Efficiency with Automated Soundings

    Watch this webinar to learn about Vaisala’s automatic soundings solutions and the value you can experience with Autosonde® AS41.

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