Vaisala Lightning Tracking Software LTS2005 to be discontinued

Take advantage of the latest in lightning display technology and upgrade to the market innovative solutions.

As better fundamental understanding of lightning and  technological landscape constantly develops worldwide, it is time to renew our lightning display software platform. Production of the Vaisala LTS2005 Lightning Tracking Software will be discontinued and the users can now take advantage of upgrading to the market innovative solutions.

LTS2005 is a desktop-based display for real-time lightning visualization including warning capability with full alerting suite. It is commonly used for data subscription for National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) and /or Global Lightning Dataset (GLD360) with integration over secure shell or satellite, as well as for viewing precision lightning network data from Total Lightning Processor.


Upgrade to market innovative solutions


IRIS Focus

IRIS Focus is a web-based application which consolidates all Vaisala remote sensing systems observations into a single interface. Customers can integrate information from various measurement data sources, including lightning precision networks, for real...


Thunderstorm Manager

Thunderstorm Manager is a Vaisala-owned and operated lightning visualization tool that is a reliable, comprehensive, and streamlined way to maximize both safety and operational efficiency when it comes to severe weather threats and disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue to use my LTS2005?

Yes: Each instance of the lightning display will continue to function for both users with a precision lightning network and those with a NLDN or GLD360 data subscription. However, it is recommended that each user consider their options for alternative Vaisala lightning visualization tools.

What are the next steps with LTS2005?

For additional information, please refer to the included LTS2005 End of Life letter. This will offer specific details regarding the timeline of the LTS2005 ramp down.

Contact us on LTS2005 discontinuation

Thunderstorm Manager is a highly accurate tracking and alert management system which enhances airline personnel and passenger safety while minimizing costly operational downtime. Try our lightning visualization and alerting software, Thunderstorm Manager, free for 30-days.

IRIS Focus Remote Sensing Software provides a uniquely rich set of tools for viewing and analyzing your lightning and weather radar data. Try IRIS Focus for free here.

If you have any questions relating to the switch to IRIS Focus or Thunderstorm Manager, please don’t hesitate to fill in this form and contact us for assistance.

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