Thunderstorm Manager

Web-based worldwide thunderstorm tracking with the most accurate lightning detection including up-to-the-second lightning data and real-time lightning alerts.

    Web-based access

    Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager - long storm example

    Thunderstorm Manager is a cloud-based software application that can be accessed from anywhere using a computer, laptop, or mobile device with an internet connection. You won’t be tied to a desk waiting for severe weather or be caught off guard when you’re out in the field. This means quicker decisions even with unexpected storms.


    Real-time tracking

    Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager - long storm example in dark night mode

    Thunderstorm Manager's tracking system gives you real-time lightning event visualization as well as playback of storm activity for the last 7 days. It utilizes Vaisala's most accurate and comprehensive lightning detection networks anywhere in the world, the Global Lightning Detection Network (GLD360) and / or the National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN). You’ll get precise severe weather and lightning data how it matters most — wherever you are and right when it happens.


    Automated alerts

    Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager - 30 day alert history

    Define up to three levels of lightning alerts around a site and receive automated alerts via email, text, and web to multiple addresses, numbers, or devices. You’ll also get all-clear notifications when there haven’t been any discharges after a predetermined amount of time.

    The lightning alert coverage is truly global including oceans, the highest mountain peaks, and other geographic locations not covered by radar or meteorological instruments.


    Display options

    Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager - Jakarta

    Display both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning on a single lightning map and filter strikes by any combination of location, lightning polarity, or peak current. All lightning data includes time-based color coding for easier visualization of storm paths.

    And, with Lightning Threat Zone, increase your situational awareness of nearby storms with up to 60-minute lightning forecasts to help you visualize if a thunderstorm is going to approach you or simply pass by without much safety risk.


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