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    People have harnessed the wind for centuries, and for countless applications. Today, the wind energy industry has inherited this tradition. It is filled with innovators who use the wind like no one before imagined, and the world is better for it.

    Recent evolutions in the wind industry — aided by Vaisala technologies, including WindCube® lidar — have given stakeholders better, bankable data with increased agility and simplicity. This has unleashed some of the most imaginative and useful innovations in the history of wind energy.

    Vaisala’s wind energy solutions are unrivaled in their comprehensiveness and value. Vaisala is the only company on the planet providing end-to-end weather and environmental solutions with fully integrated, globally trusted sensing and digital services.


    Wind development

    Vaisala solutions provide the best possible wind data while freeing users from old constraints related to siting and compliance restrictions, costly and immovable met mast structures, and uncertainty driven by data extrapolation, and more. Previously impossible applications, such as simple, IEC-compliant Power Performance Testing (PPT), have become routine.

    And we’re pushing the industry into even newer frontiers, including ambitious offshore projects that incentivize and stretch global manufacturing and infrastructure.

    Key applications in wind development include:

    • Site prospection
    • Site suitability
    • Wind resource assessment
    • Repowering (onshore)
    • Farm extension (offshore)
    • PPT — contractual power curve
    • Offshore ship operations for build-up



    Wind operations

    Wind operators face common pressures for performance testing and optimization, and Vaisala lidars and related solutions are their secret weapons. WindCube lidar technologies are rapidly improving how these important operations are conducted, making previously impossible operations routine and reliable. And a range of other sensors are creating new applications and giving operators competitive advantages.


    Applications include:

    • Permanent wind monitoring
    • Weather & obstruction light monitoring
    • PPT — performance verification
    • Retrofit and performance increase
    • Site O&M
    • Offshore ship operations for maintenance
    • Minutes/hour/day ahead forecasting



    Turbine development

    Vaisala enables turbine manufacturers to market the best systems and secure their reputations through reliability, seamless integration, and global recognition. Our solutions reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE), enable larger wind turbine designs to increase Annual Energy Production, save CAPEX by enabling lighter wind turbines, and increase the lifetime of components to reduce O&M costs.

    Notably, WindCube Nacelle for feedforward turbine control enables turbine manufacturers and integrators to rapidly adopt and market LAC — creating numerous benefits for themselves and their end users.

    Applications include:

    • Feedforward turbine control for Lidar Assisted Control (LAC)
    • New turbine prototyping
    • Equipment for turbine control



    Why Vaisala?



    We are innovators, scientists, and discoverers who are helping fundamentally change how the world is powered. Vaisala elevates wind and solar customers around the globe so they can meet the greatest energy challenges of our time.

    Our weather and environmental monitoring solutions for renewable energy are guided by several key priorities:

    • Thoughtful evolution in a time of change
    • Making renewable energy smarter at every stage
    • Extending our legacy of leadership

    Vaisala is the only company to offer 360° renewable energy solutions — from sensors and systems to digital services and actionable intelligence — nearly anywhere on the planet (and even on Mars). Every Vaisala solution benefits from our 85+ years of experience, pioneering deployments in 170+ countries, and unrivaled thought leadership.

    Our innovation story, like the renewable energy story, continues.

    WindCube: the most trusted wind lidar in the industry

    Pioneering the gold standard in science, innovation and support

    Today WindCube lidars are backed by the best science and metrology and validated by the most demanding testing and certifications in the industry. Just as important, our unparalleled global service and support ensures you can count on us onshore, offshore, and worldwide.


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