Lightning solutions for wind energy

Lightning affects the entire wind farm life cycle. From construction and turbine selection to safety and operational continuity, Vaisala’s lightning solutions are optimized to improve weather awareness and project success.

Vaisala’s lightning solutions are rooted in our proprietary ground-based network data, Global Lightning Dataset (GLD360) and National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) — both part of our Xweather family of subscription based products. No other lightning detection networks are as reliable, cover the entire globe with such resolution and accuracy, offer the same consistent level of performance, or can be seamlessly integrated to improve so many other technologies.

Modern data-as-a-service lightning solutions are cost-effective, low-risk ways to improve weather awareness and project success. They are available immediately, with little or no capital costs, construction, or permitting, and the gains they provide can readily offset the investment it takes to use them.

Optimize your wind energy farm with striking accuracy

Vaisala solutions are easy to deploy, trusted around the globe, and immediately available. We’re ready anytime to talk with you about your specific needs.

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