Vaisala and Swire Energy Services to boost offshore operational efficiency

Vaisala and Swire Energy Services to boost offshore operational efficiency
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Interview with Nathan Munro, Global Business Development Manager, Aviation, Swire Energy Services and Åmund Korneliussen, Development Manager, Aviation, Swire Energy Services.

Vaisala has signed Certified Service Partner -agreement together with Swire Energy Services for the provision of services related to installation, operation and preventive and corrective maintenance of Vaisala Helideck Monitoring Systems and Environmental Monitoring Systems related sensors for offshore platforms and vessels worldwide.

  1. Could you tell about your background in offshore services and your current role in Swire Energy Services?

    Nathan Munro: I have been in the Oil & Gas and Offshore industry since I left school 16 years ago. Recently, I was promoted to the position of Commercial Manager. Now I am responsible for sustaining the growth we have continued to see within our aviation division, while also overseeing the sales and commercial team in our aviation business.

    Åmund Korneliussen: I have been working with IT systems and automation systems for over 22 years, with a heavy focus on the integration of meteorological sensor systems. After starting at Swire as a Development Manager, I have overseen the development of an HMS/EMS software system, drawing upon all the experience gained throughout these years.
  2. You recently signed a service partner agreement with Vaisala. What kind of added value are you expecting this partnership to bring to you and your clients? And why did you choose Vaisala as your partner?

    Nathan Munro: This partnership will provide our clients with the peace of mind that a reputable service provider can support them with their annual compliance inspections on Vaisala's equipment. It ensures continuity of service, consistent with what they already experience through our helifuel and helideck inspection services business. Additionally, this collaboration will enhance Swire Energy Services’ reputation within the offshore and maritime weather industry, leveraging Vaisala's standing as the global leader in weather, environmental and industrial measurements.

    We believe that our service quality, reputation, and global presence can enhance opportunities for any weather sensor manufacturer, but Vaisala's values align most closely with ours. This alignment is evident in our shared outlook on sustainability, safety, and the significance we place on innovation and research and development. After visiting Vaisala's headquarters in Helsinki, it became clear that they were the right company for us to collaborate with.

    Åmund Korneliussen: I have known Vaisala for many years now and can clearly see the quality and professionalism that Vaisala stands for. I genuinely believe that, with our global service network, we can achieve much through this collaboration.

  3. What kind of challenges do your clients usually face in terms of service needs for helideck monitoring and MetOcean systems and sensors with installations in various offshore locations?
    Vaisala and Swire Energy Services to boost offshore operational efficiency

    Nathan Munro: Different locations bring different challenges, and this holds especially true within the offshore industry. Whether it's hurricanes in the US Gulf of Mexico or intense winter storms in the North Sea, each vessel, rig, or installation encounters unique scenarios and challenges during its operations. These challenges may include issues like malfunctioning weather sensors, disrupted connection lines, poor visibility, days unsuitable for flying, lack of offshore bed space, or emergency unmanned operations. Our clients face a variety of obstacles that can pose challenges when conducting services or installation works offshore.

  4. What kind of emerging service needs do you see around HMS/EMS systems for offshore energy business?

    Nathan Munro: There has been a substantial number of rig reactivations conducted by Swire Energy Services in 2023, driven by the increasing demand for natural oil and gas reserves offshore. We have already secured bookings for numerous reactivations in 2024. Consequently, many vessels required for these operations are equipped with HMS/EMS systems that are non-compliant with the latest requirements. As a result, they rely on service partners like us to provide support with the latest technologies and advice, ensuring the safety of their offshore operations. The emerging Renewables industry has also placed costly expectations on vessel suppliers to upgrade their vessels to suit the demands for the latest compliance requirements to service the offshore energy industry.

    Åmund Korneliussen: There is an increasing need for support in remote locations, and due to harsh weather conditions in many of these areas, the HMS/EMS systems need to be reliable and well-maintained to ensure safe operations. Additionally, having remote diagnostics capability is essential.

  5. How do you see the global energy transition affecting your services and future demand from your customers?
    Vaisala and Swire Energy Services to boost offshore operational efficiency

    Nathan Munro: This will only increase the demand for the number of inspections we are required to complete annually, as there will be more vessels and offshore assets needing our inspection services. Whether it's helicopters or drones supporting offshore flight operations, both will require real-time data to ensure the safe landing of equipment or personnel offshore.

    Åmund Korneliussen: We do not anticipate any significant changes in the service line and needs for the next five years from the perspective of offshore operations. However, there will undoubtedly be higher demands on emission footprint and a heightened focus on environmental aspects, which will require careful attention.

  6. How do see the partnership with Vaisala evolving and what kind of wishes would you have in regards of our future cooperation?

    Nathan Munro: I view the market intelligence that we will gather and bring back to Vaisala through the numerous inspections we anticipate supporting, as crucial in aiding Vaisala's growth and innovation for more sustainable and accurate products. We aim to foster a successful collaboration with Vaisala, envisioning their products on every offshore asset with Swire Energy Services conducting inspections on their behalf.

"Vaisala Maritime is dedicated to ensuring both high safety standards and operational efficiency for our customers. Through our partnership with Swire energy Services, we are enhancing our service reach to offshore locations worldwide. This collaboration will particularly benefit our Helideck Monitoring and Environmental Monitoring System customers, providing them with seamless access to trusted maintenance services on a global scale." Mikko Nikkanen, Head of Maritime, Vaisala.

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