Turbine Development

Solutions for crucial stakeholders

Manufacturers are crucial stakeholders in the advancement and success of wind energy projects. Whether onshore or offshore, their technologies are enabling the growth and profitability of this industry.

Vaisala enables manufacturers to market the best systems and secure their reputations through reliability, seamless integration, and global recognition. They find value in the one-stop integration of Vaisala technologies, from WindCube Nacelle lidars used for Lidar Assisted Control (LAC) to the Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WMT700 units for simplified, modernized turbine control.

These and related solutions enable manufacturers to customize existing wind turbines to further reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) or design larger wind turbines to increase Annual Energy Production, saving CAPEX by designing lighter wind turbines, and OPEX by increasing the lifetime of components and reducing O&M costs.

Rapidly adopt and market LAC

WindCube Nacelle for feedforward turbine control enables turbine manufacturers and integrators to rapidly adopt and market LAC — creating numerous benefits for themselves and their end users.

By fully characterizing the incoming wind field, the system enables proactive control optimizations for changing conditions. This can result in significantly extended wind turbine design limits, reduced loads, improved safety, resilience to extreme events, and increased energy capture.

WindCube Nacelle: New IEC classification + enhancements

The industry’s go-to reference lidar for PPT just got better.

Industry-first IEC classification? Check. New innovations for even more robust data AND it’s simpler to use? Check. WindCube Nacelle is proven to dramatically reduce operational cost while increasing efficiency. With hundreds deployed worldwide, on 100+ wind turbine models onshore and offshore, WindCube Nacelle continues to be the most innovative solution for reliable, accurate PPT.


Photo courtesy of NREL

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