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High-accuracy measurement solutions for data centers and mission critical facilities


Sensor precision and stability - prerequisite for optimal control over cooling and air conditioning

Data centers are the brains of practically every company whose success depends on efficient and reliable software operations. With lots of powerful hardware concentrated in one place, data centers must be kept cool and safeguarded against both external and internal environmental influences. As a result, data centers consume significant amounts of energy. How can we improve their energy efficiency and PUE (power usage effectiveness)? 

Measure it properly. One of the most important requirements to reduce your cooling costs is to measure the conditions properly in the first place. Your data center temperature control strategy is only as good as your measurement equipment, and even small measurement errors can increase your energy bill significantly.

Design it wisely. Can you benefit from air-side economizers or evaporative coolers, for example? Choose the right humidity parameter for the instrument, and choose an instrument designed for the measurement location in question.

Keep your instruments in good shape. All instruments need periodic checking. Choose instruments that have minimal long-term drifting and are easy to maintain, and develop a robust service and calibration plan for your data center.

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Cooling is critical to maintaining temperature and humidity at the optimal level for reliable server operations. However, cooling and air conditioning are second only to IT equipment in terms of power consumption in data centers, accounting for up to 40 percent of the total energy demand. It comes as no surprise, then, that even the tiniest variations in cooling temperature can have a significant impact on the overall running costs of a data center.

In this 45-minute webinar, Vaisala expert Anu Kätkä will discuss the importance of precise HVAC measurements to maximize the energy efficiency of data centers.

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Enabling data center continuity with Vaisala sensors

Growing demand for capacity and speed is driving the data center industry to expand and optimize, employing equipment that requires specific environmental conditions to operate reliably. This escalating demand is combined with the need for continuous and uninterrupted operation. Enabled by a network of sensors, operators consistently monitor conditions to provide assurances to their customers.

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Achieve maximum uptime

As the demand for data rises, so does the expectation level for data center uptimes. Keeping your data center cool is crucial to maintain uptime at a high level, and accurate HVAC measurements can help you do this.

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Optimize conditions indoors by measuring conditions outdoors

Data center cooling can be achieved in a variety of ways, depending on the location and the local climate. Refrigerant cooling consumes a lot of energy, but consumption can be optimized by taking local climatic changes into account. WXT530 series weather transmitters can help to optimize conditions indoors. they are easy to integrate with your data center's control system.

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For reliability, consistency and accuracy

Critical environments require high-performance environmental monitoring and measurements to operate consistently and within specifications. As data centers are expected to run 24/7 all year round, failures are not an option. Even small measurement errors can increase the energy bill significantly. Reliable sensors do make a difference.

Easy to maintain

  • Easy field-checking
  • Exchangeable probes
  • Calibration services 24/7

High Accuracy & Stability

  • Enabler of precise controls
  • Unbeatable long-term stability
  • Low total cost of ownership

Factory calibrated

  • World-class sensor technology
  • Proven accuracy
  • Traceable calibration certificate

A complete measurement solution from Vaisala

Data centers need hig-performance climate control to ensure that critical equipment and networks are kept up and running. Inadequate temperature and humidity control can lead to extensive – and expensive – equipment failure. When you need high-quality monitoring solutions for your data centers, contact Vaisala.


Weather Transmitter WXT530 Series

The perfect mix of accurate air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and wind direction data to measure weather conditions without the expense or magnitude of an automatic weather station.

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