Proven ways to better energy efficiency in data centers

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It’s well known that data centers consume significant amounts of energy. Like all critical environments, they require high-performance environmental monitoring and measurements to ensure they can operate consistently and within specifications. This means that even the tiniest measurement error can increase the data center’s energy bill significantly. In addition, as data centers are expected to run 24/7 all year round, failures are not an option. 

Watch the on-demand webinar to discover how to improve energy efficiency and power usage effectiveness (PUE) in your data centers with the help of high-quality, reliable, and accurate sensors.

The webinar will cover topics like: 
•    How to improve energy efficiency in data centers
•    How accurate sensors can make a difference 
•    What to consider in system design
•    Practical application examples


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Anu Kätkä


The webinar is hosted by Anu Kätkä, who represents Global Product Management at Vaisala Industrial Measurements. She has extensive experience in building automation and management systems as well as metering and monitoring solutions. 

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