In-line Brix measurement in tomato ketchup and sauces preparation

Tomato ketchup and tomato sauce are among of the most popular food condiments. Typically, they are made of tomato concentrate or whole peeled tomatoes. Ketchup and tomato sauce also contain water, sugar, vinegar, salt, seasoning, and a starch-based thickener. 

Monitoring and control of the ketchup preparation process 

The ketchup is produced by diluting tomato paste or tomato puree with water to the desired Brix. After that, other ingredients such as sugar or sweetener, salt and preservatives  are  added to the mixture according to the recipe.  

Next, mixed tomato paste proceeds to sterilization and de-aeration. Afterwards, it will be homogenized for required consistency.  

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer provides continuous monitoring and control of the whole ketchup preparation process: 

  • In the mixing/ dilution tank. The refractometer ensures a constant Brix value, as tomatoes from different suppliers may differ in concentration. 
  • In-line to final product holding tank. The refractometer provides the final quality control measurement before the product is stored in a holding tank. 
  • In the filling line. The refractometer measures the concentration of the end product before bottling and controls CIP process (see the application note on Product interface detection).  

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