In-line total solids measurement in infant formula production

Baby milk or infant formula is available either as a dried powder or a ready-to-use bottled liquid. Producers of baby formula must adhere to the strictest hygiene and milk composition requirements in order to achieve the correct product composition and assure high-quality and safety of the final product. 

Baby milk process control in mixing, evaporation and drying 

Powdered baby milk is most commonly produced by wet-mixing comprising three main stages such as preparation of the mix, evaporation and drying. After the ingredients mixing (adding milk protein), the liquid is hydrated and ready for evaporation. Homogenized concentrated milk mixture then follows to the spray drying.  

Download the application note to learn how 3-A Sanitary and EHEDG certified Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer provides comprehensive control over the infant formula production process: 

  • ensuring the right in-line dosing of ingredients to comply with the recipe 
  • monitoring dissolved ingredients content to optimize the spray dryer performance  
  • controlling of the evaporator performance by measuring the homogenized milk mixture 

The concentration measurement output is chosen by the customer and can be in Total dissolved solids (TDS), Brix or Total solids (TS). 

Download the application note in PDF by filling the form. 
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