In-line moisture measurement in honey

Honey is a popular product that is widely used as a sweetener in foods and drinks due to glucose and fructose in its content. It is also known as a health product containing proteins, minerals, organic acids and vitamins.  

In-line honey moisture measurement after evaporation 

Raw honey needs to be preheated first in order to melt possible crystals and make it more viscose for easier processing. It then continues to filtration to separate the pollens, beeswax and all other visible impurities. 

After the suspended particles are removed, the honey goes through evaporation in order to kill microorganisms and reduce the moisture content to the level necessary for proper fermentation. As moisture is reduced, crystallization will increase. On the other hand, if moisture is too high, sugar-tolerant yeast in honey will increase and give the product a foul taste. 

Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Process Refractometer monitors in real time the concentration of honey after the evaporator or heater ensuring the safe moisture level and the required honey concentration are achieved. 

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