In-line Brix measurement in instant coffee and tea manufacturing process

Coffee and tea are popular beverages consumed worldwide. For the ease of use, today coffee and tea are produced as instant powder.  
Instant coffee, tea extract and instant tea are produced in the process of extraction. First, coffee or tea extract is prepared by boiling the coffee beans or tea leaves in water in order to get the soluble solids. The extract is then evaporated, and dried either by spray drying or freeze drying. 

Tea and coffee extraction control  

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer is used to measure selectively soluble solids content at different stages of the instant tea and coffee manufacturing process. The Brix and dry solids measurements by the refractometer are used for the tea and coffee extraction efficiency control, namely: 

  • during or after extractor to measure soluble solids concentration 
  • at the evaporators where the refractometer is used to ensure the right concentration is fed to the dryer. This helps to optimize the energy consumption. 
  • at the final stage, to measure the concentration of the recovered instant coffee dust. 

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