Green syrup and molasses

Once the syrup left from the final crystallization stage, molasses, and intermediate syrups, or green syrups, have been separated from the mother liquor, they are mixed and further processed to remove the valuable remaining sucrose to maximize production.

In the desugarization processing step performed in the ion exchange column (Quentin), the potassium and sodium in beet juice are replaced with magnesium to reduce sugar’s solubility in water. Stable syrup concentration increases the performance of the ion exchange column.

Green syrup and molasses

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris Process Refractometer measures Brix and provides:

  • Feed control to the Quentin columns to ensure a consistent flow
  • Longer functioning ion exchange resins
  • Higher efficiency of desugarization process
  • Concentration quality check of final molasses.

The note also includes recommended Vaisala Polaris refractometer installation points for the best performance.

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