Beet sugar evaporation

After sugar juice is extracted from beets, the juice is evaporated to reach the final concentration prior to crystallization. The thick juice concentration target should be as high as possible (up to 75 %) to ensure high sugar crystal quality and facilitate low energy consumption.

Beet sugar evaporation

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris Process Refractometer measures Brix of sugar liquid in the plant feed, outlet line, and storage tank and provide:

  • Feed concentration control in the evaporation plant feed to optimize capacity and to keep the mixture of thin and thick juice within the target specification
  • Constant juice concentration in evaporation stages, both intermediate and final, by controlling steam flow. Optimized steam flow brings cumulative savings, and much can be achieved with a refractometer
  • Highest thick juice concentration in the storage tank for maximized storage capacity
  • Completely digital refractometer eliminating the need for manual sampling, which can also bring contaminants to the process
  • Steady process without process disturbances.

The note also includes recommended Vaisala Polaris Process Refractometer installation points for best performance.

Download the application note (PDF) by filling out the form.

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