Turn on your bio-engine pt 2: improving your CHP engine efficiency

Biogas Production

Welcome to our deep-dive expert webinar on biogas-fueled CHP engines.

This webinar is devoted to technical knowledge, practical lessons learned and field-tested scientific experience on how to improve the efficiency of biogas CHP (combined heat and power generation) plants by measuring gas composition at engine inlet in real time.

Join us on 23 April to learn more about why methane concentration and moisture levels matter, as well as which  measurements you need to pay close attention to to run your operation as efficiently as possible. 

Key takeaways:

  • Using biogas as fuel for internal combustion engines
  • Why gas quality matters
  • The consequences of using substandard gas
  • How to avoid unnecessary maintenance
  • Audience Q&A – questions welcome already in advance

The webinar is hosted by Vaisala's biogas product manager, Mr. Antti Heikkilä, and John Lee, PhD, of OSA Ltd.


Please note that the two sessions will have the same content, only the airtime is different.

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Meet the experts

Antti Heikkilä

Product Manager, Vaisala

Antti’s focus is on multigas infrared instruments and developing products for wholly new market areas.

With over 15 years of experience in process and emission monitoring instruments and infrared gas analysis, Antti holds a M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry.

He is an active member of multiple international standardization workgroups (both ISO and CEN) on air quality and greenhouse gas measurements.

John Lee PhD, portrait

John Lee, PhD

OSA Ltd.

John is a widely respected expert in base load renewable biogas & geothermal systems, digestate processing, water recycling and nutrient recovery, as well as in related remote monitoring, data analytics and prognostics. 

John holds a PhD in combustion engineering. He has over 20 years of experience in CHP engines, and is the Managing Director of  OSA Engineering, Ltd, (Optimization Solutions Asia Engineering) and has, earlier specialized in gas product sales, project management and product design at Caterpillar.

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