Sustainable shipping: the future of smart wind propulsion

Challenges and future needs of wind measurement technologies for wind-assisted vessels
Weather & Environment

Is the industry ready for a green shipping revolution?

The shipping industry is on the cusp of a green revolution — driven by the advancement of wind-assisted ship propulsion (WASP) technology that helps to reduce fuel consumption, cut CO2 emissions, and steer the shipping industry towards a more sustainable future.

You won’t want to miss this expert panel discussion for a timely look at current industry trends shaping the future of sustainable shipping.

What we’ll cover:

  • Current and evolving regulations driving the adoption of WASP technology
  • How shipping companies can significantly enhance operational efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and environmental impact, and comply with mounting regulations
  • How BAR Technologies is advancing the industry through WindWings innovation combining wind propulsion with route optimization, to increase the fuel efficiency of vessels on average of 1.5 tonnes/wing/day
  • Insights from MARIN about some of their recent research projects for WASP ship performance optimization
  • How smart wind sensing technology can provide a significant step towards more efficient wind-assisted ship propulsion

This panel discussion is ideal for organizations active in the marine wind propulsion sector such as:

  • Wind propulsion technology providers
  • Shipping companies
  • Ship design
  • Shipyards
  • Equipment development
  • Marine/naval research institutes
  • Classification companies



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Featured speakers:

Simon Schofield

Simon Schofield

Chief Technical Officer, Bar Technologies


Simon has been leading the Technical Development at BAR Technologies since co-founding it in 2017. A 1999 graduate in Ship Science from the University of Southampton, he spent over 15 years leading race yacht design for major competitions like the America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and Grand Prix Race Yacht. As the former Head of Design and Engineering for Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR), he played a key role in the 2017 America's Cup in Bermuda. Simon is known for his visionary leadership and engineering expertise, significantly contributing to BAR's technical advancements and product development.

Gijs Struijk

Gijs Struijk

On Board Specialist at MARIN


Gijs works as an On Board Specialist at MARIN’s Performance at Sea department. With a background in ship hydrodynamics at the Delft University of Technology, he is now involved in evaluating ship performance at full scale by sea trials and monitoring campaigns. Currently, Gijs is focussing on ways to improve our understanding of ship performance through operational tests and data, and by exploring new measurement equipment. What will the future of sea trialling a ship look like? And how do we evaluate the performance of wind propulsion in practice?”

Mikko Nikkanen

Head of Maritime, Weather and Environment


Mikko leads strategy and development for Vaisala’s Maritime and Ports segment. He has established Vaisala’s maritime focus in modern weather awareness solutions, bringing 20 years of global sales and business development experience to build innovative solutions with various partner ecosystems.


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eBook: Cleaner shipping on the horizon

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