Wind assisted vessels: The future of cleaner shipping 

Climate change and air quality are driving the shipping industry to use less fossil fuel. Inexpensive, carbon-free energy sources are hard to find and take time to build, however, except for the one that has always existed: wind.

Wind-assisted ship propulsion is one the key technologies in decarbonizing the future of maritime shipping. Vaisala’s world-class wind and weather sensing technology helps operators make the best use of current and upcoming wind conditions.

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Effective wind propulsion with accurate wind and weather sensors

Vaisala eBook cover names A cleaner horizon

eBook: Cleaner shipping on the horizon

Get this free, informative guide to how wind and weather sensing technology is helping to propel wind-assisted shipping.

Vaisala Infographic: cover image Harnessing the most wind

Infographic: Harnessing the most wind

Here’s a look at how remote wind monitoring helps optimize wind-assisted vessels from R&D to classification. 


WINDCAP® Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WMT700

Accurate wind data even in variable winds, complex terrain, and other challenging conditions.

WXT530 Series Weather Transmitter

Weather Transmitter WXT530 Series

This series of accurate weather transmitters measures six of the most important weather parameters in various compact and affordable combinations.

Weather Data & APIs

Versatile, superior weather data to improve operational and safety decisions for a wide range of applications across all industries.

Use cases of dual lidar

Wind Lidars

Discover the remarkable science and business outcomes of WindCube® wind lidars.

Vaisala Lidar standing on the pier next to the sea

Using remote wind monitoring to optimize wind-assisted propulsion

SUCCESS STORY:  How MARIN is gaining performance and optimization insights for wind-assisted propulsion systems with Vaisala WindCube Scan. 

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Smoother sailing, cleaner oceans

SUCCESS STORY: How Norsepower uses Vaisala wind measurement technology to optimize their groundbreaking Rotor Sails and enable cleaner shipping

Customer Case Study - Norsepower Sea Cargo

The winds of change

BLOG: The winds of change are blowing in the shipping markets

Wind and Weather Observation Challenges? There's a Better Way

We’ll show you how to improve operations and safety with complete maritime weather and environmental monitoring systems. Our broad range of scalable solutions keeps you on task and costs down.

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