Supporting cell & gene therapy innovation with continuous monitoring

Cyto-Facto Inc. Cell and Gene Therapy Facility hallway
Life Science

In this webinar we welcome Dr. Shin Kawamata, CEO & President of Cyto-Facto Inc. Dr. Kawamata describes how Cyto-Facto uses the viewLinc continuous monitoring system in controlled environments to meet the growing need for reliable cell and gene therapy products and ensure compliance with strict GCTP regulations. 

In this webinar you will learn: 


  • How Cyto-Facto uses the viewLinc continuous monitoring system in its manufacturing and storage environments
  • How centralized data improves manufacturing parameters and process development and control
  • How a Quality by Design (QbD) approach can ensure optimal product quality

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Cyto-Facto Inc. President & CEO Shin Kawamata

Guest speaker Dr. Shin Kawamata, Cyto-Facto Inc.

With an MD from Kobe University and PhD (Medical) from Kyoto University, Dr. Kawamata became a postdoctoral fellow at Systemex Co. US, in partnership with Stanford University. He went on to work as the General Manager of Cell Processing and lead the Regenerative Medicine Research Unit at the Kobe University’s Foundation for Biomedical Research & Innovation (FBRI. He subsequently became Center Director. The Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation (FBRI) was established to support bio-medical companies and housed the Research & Development Center for Cell Therapy (RDC), mandated to ensure the quality of products used in cell and gene therapy and provide manufacturing services as a CMO/CDMO for domestic and global biotech companies. In 2023, Cyto-Facto Inc. took over the business activities of the RDC, with Dr. Kawamata as CEO and president.

Host Paul Daniel, Vaisala

Paul Daniel has worked in the GMP-regulated industries for over 25 years helping manufacturers apply good manufacturing practices in a wide range of qualification projects.  His specialties include mapping, monitoring, and computerized systems.  At Vaisala, Paul oversees and guides the validation program for the Vaisala viewLinc environmental monitoring system.  He serves as a customer advocate to ensure the viewLinc environmental monitoring system matches the demanding requirements of life science and regulated applications.  Paul is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley, with a bachelor’s degree in biology.