From monitoring to controlling with vaporized hydrogen peroxide sensors:  why, how & a case study

Hospital Biodecontamination
Industrial Measurements
Life Science

In this webinar, Vaisala’s sensor technology experts welcome a manufacturer of H2O2 vapor generators to demonstrate how to integrate Vaisala’s sensors and transmitters into vaporized hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination applications.

We briefly describe Vaisala’s PEROXCAP® sensor technology and its ability to measure multiple parameters such as hydrogen peroxide vapor, temperature, and humidity – as both relative saturation and relative humidity. The relative saturation parameter, unique to Vaisala HPP270 series sensors, is crucial to a better understanding of bio-decontamination processes and we will explain how it will benefit your bio-decontamination processes. 

Learn how to integrate Vaisala’s sensor technology with control systems to ensure accurate measurement and consistent bio-decontamination processes. We provide a case study from Cleamix, a Finnish H2O2 vapor generator manufacturer that uses Vaisala’s H2O2 sensors to monitor and control the vapor generation with the portable series of Cleamix VCS-100 devices. Two Cleamix representatives will explain the advantages of integrated sensors for monitoring and controlling. Our Cleamix presenters will provide a case study of an effective bio-decontamination of a hospital room. 

This webinar is of interest to: 

  • Bio-decontamination original equipment manufacturers
  • Bio-decontamination cycle development experts
  • Pharmaceutical development and project managers
  • Validation and quality experts
  • Bio-decontamination service providers and consultants
  • Facility managers
  • Anyone researching best practices in H2O2 bio-decontamination

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Piritta Maunu

Life Science Regulatory Compliance and Industry Expert​

Piritta Maunu has 15 years of experience in biotechnology, having worked in several quality management positions. Maunu holds a degree of M.Sc. (Cell Biology) and is certified to teach with a specialty in General Biology, both degrees from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. In her role at Vaisala, she supports the sales department, assists the quality department with audits, creates educational content for life science customers, and provides application support to R&D teams creating solutions for monitoring critical environments.

Hanna-Kaisa Kyyrönen

Hanna-Kaisa Kyyrönen

Product Manager, Cleamix

Hanna-Kaisa Kyyrönen has over 10 years of experience in decontamination and sterilization processes having worked in different sales and product management positions in health technology. Kyyrönen holds a degree of M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) from University of Turku and is certified to teach with a specialty in Chemistry from the Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland. In her role at Cleamix she supports the sales department, creates educational content for customers and supports R&D in providing new applications for the VHP technology. 

Panu Wilska

Panu Wilska

Chairman of the Board, Cleamix

M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering & Management from the Lappeenranta University of Technology, Panu Wilska has 25 years of international work experience ranging from nuclear physics to managing hi-tech start-ups. He joined Cleamix 2016 to assist establishing investor relations and commercial operations and eventually became shareholder himself. He has served as Chairman of Board since May 2018.  Currently, his main focus is general management and international operations of Cleamix, establishing commercial and technology partnerships.

Indigo family video

Vaisala Indigo family includes intelligent, interchangeable measurement probes, optional host devices and free Vaisala Insight PC Software. Having measurement intelligence within the probes means that they are easy to remove, compatible with Indigo host devices and can be integrated into other systems too.

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