Striking distance: How weather and lightning data supports safe, efficient offshore helicopter operations

Weather & Environment

The weather can change fast offshore. But you’ll be prepared.

Business is booming in the world’s oceans and helicopters are essential to their success — but weather can cause big, expensive delays. Today, real-time lightning detection and alerts integrated with advanced weather monitoring provide critical data for optimizing offshore helicopter operations, efficient planning, risk assessment, and protecting life and assets.

Join us for an in-depth discussion featuring weather and industry experts followed by Q&A.

What will we cover?


  • Introducing Vaisala’s Helideck Monitoring System, now integrated with the world’s most accurate and trusted lightning detection network: Read the press release here.
  • Why severe weather risks for helicopters are increasing offshore
  • How to increase safety and efficiency with real-time thunderstorm and lightning detection




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Featured Speakers

Hans Loewenheath

Hans Loewenheath

Product Manager - Lightning

Hans joined Vaisala in 2020 with a focus on lightning solutions. He is passionate about discovering customer value and helping organizations improve their safety and efficiency. Prior to joining Vaisala, he worked for 7 years in industrial instrumentation and automation industry in sales, product management, and product marketing.


Mikko Nikkanen

Head of Maritime, Weather and Environment


Mikko leads strategy and development for Vaisala’s Maritime and Ports segment. He has established Vaisala’s maritime focus in modern weather awareness solutions, bringing 20 years of global sales and business development experience to build innovative solutions with various partner ecosystems.

Liu Jia

Liu Jia

Software Product Manager, Vaisala

Liu works as Software Product Manager at Vaisala with responsibility for software for Vaisala Helideck Monitoring System (HMS). Liu has over 8 years of experience in ICAO-regulated Automatic Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) and has been working for Vaisala in various product, application manager, and field engineering roles for over 10 years. Liu feels passionate about exploring the possibilities of new technology and finding fit-for-purpose solutions for customer needs.