How to Ensure viable Outcomes with Accurate CO2/RH/T Incubator Measurements

Life Science

Join Lab Manager and our experts at an “Ask the Expert” webinar as we discuss measurement technologies and how precisely measuring CO2 levels are critical for successful incubator operation and optimal cell growth.


In many life science applications, such as growing and storing cell cultures, the carbon dioxide (CO2) incubators that house these cell cultures must maintain an ideal environment for cell growth by providing CO2 control in a humidified atmosphere with a consistent temperature. The incubators must also be adequately sealed to isolate cell cultures from external conditions and to prevent outside contaminants from affecting the sampling. This requires that the CO2 concentration, relative humidity, and temperature be measured and controlled with extreme accuracy and reliability. Choosing high-quality measurement technologies and precisely measuring CO2 levels is critical for successful incubator operation, but most importantly, for optimal cell growth.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:


  • Incubator measurement methods and the importance of choosing high-quality sensors
  • The challenges of achieving accurate measurements and how to overcome them
  • The technology behind high-end sensors and the key benefits 
  • How to install measurement technology accurately and key considerations when installing
  • The importance of spot-checking and field calibrations to ensure the most accurate readings




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Jacalyn Whitney


Jacalyn Whitney
Application Sales Engineer

Jacalyn Whitney is an Application Sales Engineer at Vaisala with four years of industry experience. She has been with Vaisala since April 2022 and worked for Vacuum Barrier Corporation for over three years prior to joining Vaisala. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in manufacturing and industrial design with a minor in mathematics from Merrimack College in Massachusetts.


How do you ensure your incubator’s CO2 level is accurate and why is it important?

Many life science applications, such as growing and storing cell cultures, require the carbon dioxide concentration to be measured and controlled accurately and reliably. To help you ensure your incubator’s CO2 level is accurate for the outcomes you desire, we are pleased to offer you this informative white paper.


CARBOCAP Series GMP251 probe for precise carbon dioxide measurement

Vaisala's GMP251 probe was specifically designed to meet the challenging carbon dioxide measurement requirements for incubators, where stable and accurate percentage-level CO2 measurements are vital.