Drying of Transformers

On Demand: Moisture in Transformers
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Welcome to the newest episode of our popular Moisture in Transformers webinars hosted by Senja Leivo.

For this very special episode, we are really excited to welcome a highly experienced professional, Paul Köstinger of Retranol GmbH, as our co-host.

Previous webinars showed that there's a great demand for more knowledge. This episode will do exactly that. Join Senja & Paul, to learn everything that you ever wanted to know about the drying of transformers.

Key topics covered:

  • When is the right time to dry
  • How moisture affects transformer lifespans
  • The pros & cons of different drying methods
  • Which factors affect drying time
  • How to define the result 


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    Senja Leivo

    Meet the expert: Senja Leivo

    Ms. Senja Leivo is the Senior Industry Expert at Vaisala and an active member of CIGRE working groups.
    Her professional focus is on condition monitoring of power transformers. With 20 years of experience she is responsible for identifying the strategic trends and new monitoring needs within the industry, as well as bringing customers’ voice close to the Vaisala’s product development. Senja holds a Master of Science degree in Materials Engineering.

    Paul Köstinger portrait

    Meet the expert: Paul Köstinger

    Paul Köstinger has over 25 years of world-class professional experience in transformer drying and oil reclamation. His company, Retranol GmbH of Switzerland, provides low-frequency drying (LFH) and oil reclamation services on site, as well as repairs and training for LFH units around the world, among other consultation services. 

    The owner of  Retranol GmbH, Paul actively contributes to the international power industry community, being active e.g. in the expert group for the revision of the IEC 60422 standard.

    ebook with pages opened

    Moisture in transformers Q&A eBook

    The definitive eBook on the subject, this companion to our renowned webinar series is full of the latest practical and scientific advice on measuring moisture in power transformers.