Common vH2O2 bio-decontamination challenges and how to solve them

hydrogen peroxide vapor measurement and monitoring
Life Science
10 AM (EDT)

In this webinar we answer several of the most common questions we receive on vaporized hydrogen peroxide sensors in bio-decontamination.


  • How to integrate measurements into your system
    • Connectivity - analog, digital, and host devices
    • Best practices for sensor placement
  • PPM is not increasing... Why not?
    • Understanding humidity and relative saturation
    • The effect of materials in the environment 
  • How to use the measurement data
    • Analyzing the environment
    • Understanding your process 

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Product Manager Sanna Lehtinen

Sanna Lehtinen

Product Manager

Sanna Lehtinen is a Product Manager at Vaisala. She has worked as an electronics designer and with life science product management in leading international high tech companies for 20 years.

At Vaisala, Sanna ensures product quality and road mapping, gathers industry insight, develops leading products for demanding customer needs as well as produces relevant customer-facing material.

Sanna holds a M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from Tampere University of Technology and M.Sc. in Economics from Helsinki School of Economics.

Joni Partanen

Joni Partanen

Product Engineer

Joni Partanen is a Product Engineer at Vaisala focusing on humidity and dew point measurement instruments. He has over 14 years of experience in process industry measurement technology and instrumentation. Joni holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Automation Technology.

Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Products

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