Transport Research Arena - TRA 2024

The financial impact of accurate solar irradiance and weather data
Weather & Environment

Join Vaisala at the Transport Research Arena 2024 in Dublin, April 15-18!

This event gathers individuals and organizations in the shared pursuit of knowledge and innovation in the field of transportation and mobility. Meet Vaisala at stand 56!

Vaisala’s weather and environmental technologies enable unrivaled road network awareness — keeping roadways safe and efficient in any season.​ Our solutions are informed by our 85+ years of innovating and have made us the gold standard for precision and reliability. Our holistic approach provides customers with end-to-end simplicity, valuable partnership, and a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that are constantly evolving.​ We are recognized experts in transportation, and we continue to channel our curiosity into new ways of making roadways safer and more efficient than ever.​

Welcome to learn more from the technical & poster session on Wed April 17: "High Density Observation Network for Near Real Time Detection of Hail Events," by Daniel Johns, Head of strategy and business development at Vaisala.

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From maintaining road assets in summer to ensuring safe winter roads, road maintenance has challenges in every season.

More information: Winter Road Maintenance

Make safe, data-driven decisions and manage resources more effectively with fast, accurate weather and surface condition observations during snow and ice events.


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