Road & Runway Weather Station RWS200

Reliable weather data improves high-stakes decision making for ground transportation and runway managers.

    Smart Design for Roads & Runways

    RWS200 Tower


    Road and runway weather information is key for making crucial decisions that keep your ground transportation and aviation operations safe and efficient. Vaisala’s RWS200, an intelligent, fixed environmental sensing station (ESS), is designed with sophisticated algorithms and smart power management, because reliability is critical. With the RWS200, you’ll only deploy what you need to get the job done, without sacrificing accuracy.

    The RWS200 reference-grade weather station has been tested in the harshest winter weather conditions. It’s highly configurable, easy to use, and supports intelligent system integration and operability. Its enclosure is also designed from years of experience in the field, ensuring the sensors and instruments within the weather station remain unharmed regardless of conditions. In addition, the RWS200´s compatibility with various sensors makes it a complete road and runway weather information solution.

    Exceptional Data, Exceptional Operations

    RWS200 Snow Plow


    The RWS200 from Vaisala offers exceptional data quality in all weather, enables immediate data-driven decisions, and results in substantial operational savings.

    • The RWS200’s uptime and data availability are the industry’s best.
    • This weather station gives transportation and runway managers the data and confidence they need to make high-stakes decisions.
    • The RWS200 enables optimized road maintenance procedures and targeted, efficient snow-and-ice abatement interventions.

    Unmatched Reliability & Flexibility


    RWS200 Sensor


    Vaisala’s RWS200 provides unparalleled uptime and reliability for minimal disruption, and is a flexible system that adapts to your needs.

    • Vaisala’s industry-leading, ultra-precision grade components and rugged sensors are tested and validated in thousands of real-world deployments. They’re built to last, even when exposed to the harshest weather conditions.
    • The system is reliable, expandable, and upgradable — providing exceptional value over a long service life, even when observation requirements change. The RWS200 can be used as a fully equipped system, or to fill gaps in an existing observation system.
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    Better Data = Better Operations

    Get the facts on Vaisala’s RWS200 Road and Runway Weather Station. It’s the key to dramatically improving the safety and efficiency of your ground transportation and aviation operations.

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