Road & Runway Weather Station RWS200

Precise, reliable weather data for modern, decisive road and runway management.

    Intelligent, modern sensing



    Road and runway weather information is key for making crucial decisions that keep your ground transportation and aviation operations safe and efficient.

    No other weather station matches the performance of Vaisala’s RWS200. An intelligent, rugged environmental sensing station (ESS), it is designed with sophisticated algorithms and smart power management for optimal reliability. Its outstanding uptime and data quality create better decisions and improved safety right when they’re most crucial.

    RWS200 is a reference-grade weather station that has been validated in the harshest winter weather conditions. It’s highly configurable, easy to use, and supports intelligent system integrations and operability. Its enclosure is also designed from years of experience in the field, ensuring the sensors and instruments within the weather station remain unharmed regardless of conditions.

    In addition, RWS200´s compatibility with other sensors makes it a complete, multi-use weather information solution.

    Unbeatable data

    RWS200 Snow Plow


    RWS200 provides exceptional data quality in any weather, enabling immediate and decisive interventions exactly when they’re needed most.

    The weather station is built on mature and reliable sensing technology, resulting in industry-best uptime and data availability. Anywhere it is deployed, it allows for targeted, dependable snow and ice abatement and other critical interventions.

    Flexible and reliable



    RWS200 provides unparalleled uptime and reliability for minimal disruption, and it is a highly flexible system that adapts to many needs.

    The weather station’s high-grade components and materials are built to withstand almost anything nature can throw at them, and unlike competing systems, RWS200 is easily expandable and upgradable if observation requirements change. This provides excellent value over a long service life.

    RWS200 is also flexible enough to be used as a fully equipped system, or to fill gaps in an existing observation network.

    Vaisala team collaborating in office

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    Whatever your need, RWS200 is the industry’s most reliable and versatile road surface-condition observation system. Contact us today to build the solution that meets your needs.