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Mars Perseneverance Rover, Copyright: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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Space exploration

Technology by Vaisala and the Finnish Meteorological Institute is heading to space – raise your excitement by joining our live virtual event. The event is hosted by Mikko Leppilampi.

Mike Massimino Credit Jeffrey Schifman for Columbia Engineering

Mike Massimino

Mike Massimino is a former NASA Astronaut, a Columbia University engineering professor, and a New York Times bestselling author. A veteran of two space shuttle missions and four spacewalks, he was the first person to tweet from space, holds the team record for the most spacewalking time on a single space shuttle mission, and successfully completed the most complicated spacewalk ever attempted to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. He has had a recurring role as himself on the CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory,” is the host for the Science Channel Series “The Planets and Beyond.

Image: Jeffrey Schifman for Columbia Engineering 

Liisa Åström, Vice President, VIM Products and Systems

Liisa Åström

Liisa Åström
Vice President, Products and Systems Industrial Measurements, Vaisala

Liisa is the leader of R&D and Product Management in Vaisala Industrial Measurements. She carries 20 years of experience in design as well as commercial and technical management of hightech products in a global business environment. Liisa is passionate about creating customer value, a seamless dialogue between business and technology, and enabling the success of R&D projects through team spirit and communication.

Maria Genzer, FMI, Copyright Tero Pajukallio Diaidea

Maria Genzer

Finnish Meteorological Institute, Group Head of Planetary Research and Space Technology Group

Maria leads work in several space instrumentation projects dealing with pressure and humidity sensors. She is the technical and project manager of MEDA PS and MEDA HS and a member of M2020 science team. He has worked in numerous space projects since 1996, including for example Rosetta/Cosima, Mars Phoenix lander pressure sensor, MSL Curiosity / REMS, Exomars 2016/DREAMS, BepiColombo/SIXS.

Image: Teru Pajukallio, Diaidea

Maria Hieta, FMI, Copyright Tero Pajukallio Diaidea

Maria Hieta

Research engineer at Finnish Meteorological Institute

Research engineer at the Finnish Meteorological Institute in the Planetary Research and Space Technology group. Works with space equipment testing, quality assurance and project management. Participates in designing and manufacturing new equipment and missions. Worked in Exomars 2016 and Exomars 2022. Mars 2020 MEDA PS and MEDA HS systems engineer.

Image: Teru Pajukallio, Diaidea

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Date: July 20, 2020
15.30-16.30 EEST / 14.30-15.30 CEST / 08.30-09.30 EDT
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Uncovering Martian Secrets with Vaisala

Mars 2020 Mission

The Mars 2020 mission is part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program and it aims to gather more knowledge on Martian atmosphere and other environmental conditions. The Mars 2020 Rover will be equipped with Vaisala BAROCAP® and HUMICAP® pressure and humidity sensors. The sensors are part of instrumentation designed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), and they will be used to gather accurate readings of pressure and humidity in the extreme environmental conditions of the Martian atmosphere.

Mars Perseverance Rover, Copyright NASA/JPL-Caltech

Is there anybody out there?

Yes, we are and have been for decades, and soon Vaisala's  technology will land on Mars once gain - in collaboration with the Finnish Meteorological Institute and as part of the new Perseverance Rover of NASA's Mars Exploration Program. High technology, innovations, and curiosity to explore the world have characterized Vaisala from the very beginning. Join us in the exploration!