AMS Annual Meeting 2021

Weather & Environment
Vaisala at AMS2021

Get fresh insights into new and emerging technologies for weather observations presented at the American Meteorological Society's Annual Meeting held virtually in January 10 to 15, 2021.


Vaisala papers and posters at the AMS conference

Please click each topic to access the abstracts of Vaisala papers and posters at the 101st AMS Annual Meeting.

Full presentations and posters are available only for the registered attendees of the AMS conference until March 31st, 2021

Monday, January 11

10:15am    Performance of the Volume Velocity Processing Technique in Retrieving High Resolved Wind Fields with Doppler Lidars - Ludovic Thobois et al
1:30pm    WRF-Solar v2: An Improved Tool for Solar Forecasts - Eric Grimit, Matthew Wiley et al
3:45pm    On the Quality and Use of Radiosonde Descent DataHannu Jauhiainen et al
4:10pm    Open Architecture for Automatic Weather Station Design - Jorma Islander

Tuesday, January 12

2-3:30pm    African Centres for Lightning and Electromagnetics Network - Update since 9MALD - Ron Holle et al
2-3:30pm    Nepal: Human Threat and Occurrence of Lightning - Ron Holle and Ryan Said, et al
4:25pm      Observations of Volcanic Lightning using GLD360 - Chris Vagasky and Ryan Said
4:30pm      Utilizing Cloud and Edge Computing in Surface Weather Observation Networks - Timo Siirtola, Mikko Krapu, Otto Pulkkinen, Timo Honkanen
4:45pm    Lightning Occurrence and Casualties in Uganda - Ron Holle, Ryan Said et al

Wednesday, January 13

1:35pm      Continuing current identification over the U.S. using the GLMs and the U.S. NLDN - Martin Murphy and Ryan Said
1:40pm       Exploring Aerosol Backscatter from Scanning Doppler Wind Lidars - Jana Preissler et al
2:00am      Advanced Techniques to Assess Metrological Performance of Scanning Doppler Lidars - Jana Preissler et al
2-3:30pm    Maximum Hour and Month of Lightning Around the Globe - Ryan Said and Ron Holle
2-3:30pm    Quantifying a Qualitative: How much is "a lot" of lightning? - Chris Vagasky and Ron Holle
2-3:30pm    Possibilities of modern ceilometers - Minttu Tuononen, Raisa Lehtinen, Jukka Kallio, Pekko Tuominen, Reijo Roininen

Friday, January 15

1:10pm    A New Method for Removing Radio Frequency Interference from Weather Radar Data - Evan Ruzanski and Andrew Black
2-3:30pm    Cloud-to-Ground Lightning During Rapid Intensification of Hurricane Michael (2018) - Chris Vagasky, Ron Holle, and Ryan Said
1:15pm    AMS Early Career Leadership Academy - Chris Vagasky et al


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