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How Norsepower uses Vaisala wind measurement technology to optimize their groundbreaking Rotor Sails and enable cleaner shipping

Norsepower is at the forefront of emerging clean tech for the shipping industry. Their Rotor Sail is the first proven auxiliary wind propulsion system that enables cargo, cruising and other shipping vessels to reduce fuel consumption by augmenting their power systems. With their modern sailing technology, Norsepower is poised to achieve their mission of reducing the environmental impact of shipping: The Rotor Sail system replaces up to 20% of the fuel used to power a ship while lowering CO2 emissions.

Dependable wind sensing

Accurate, reliable and dependable wind sensors are essential for optimizing Rotor Sail performance. Norsepower sought a wind sensor that could stand up to the harsh, demanding oceanic environment including winter weather conditions. After experimenting with several options, Norsepower chose the rugged and highly accurate Vaisala WINDCAP® Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WMT700.

Accuracy in all weather conditions

A robust and reliable ultrasonic anemometer for wind measurement, the WMT700 uses ultrasound to determine horizontal wind speed and direction. Norsepower selected the WMT700 not only for its high accuracy and durability, but also for its heating properties which protect the components and prevent ice and snow buildup in cold climates.

The WMT700 is a very rugged instrument. It is made of stainless steel with a durable design — perfect for rough conditions including salted sea air. This proven technology has been used widely in ships from Greenland to Antarctica. Extremely accurate and maintenance free, the WMT700 is also ideal for global shipping operations.

Optimizing rotor operation

After a successful trial period, Norsepower decided the WMT700 is the best choice for operation, research and development projects for their Rotor Sails. The WMT700 delivers precise measurements, enabling the Norsepower automation system to recognize and leverage all wind conditions, use the maximum available propulsion power and calculate the corresponding fuel savings.

The WMT700 gives Norsepower peace of mind, knowing that their Rotor Sails are performing optimally at all times, and bolstering their confidence that they are achieving their goals for cleaner shipping around the world.

Maritime wind assisted shipping vessels

Wind Assisted Vessels: The future of cleaner shipping

Wind-assisted ship propulsion is one of the key technologies in decarbonizing the future of maritime shipping. Vaisala’s world-class wind and weather sensing technology help operators make the best use of current and upcoming wind conditions.