Saving lives and property with reliable early warnings and early action

Saving lives and property with reliable early warnings and early action
Tiina Kiianlehto
Weather & Environment

Tornadoes. Cyclones. Floods and wildfires. Severe weather events are part of our world – putting lives and resources at risk – and their frequency and severity are increasing with changes to our climate.

We cannot control the weather, but we can reduce its impact on vulnerable communities. The key is early warning with accurate and dependable weather detection systems. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), a warning system must empower individuals and communities to respond promptly and appropriately to threats to reduce death, injury, and property damage.

World Meteorological Day 2022 - Early Warning and Early Action

Tune in to the WMO YouTube channel for a discussion on the vital importance of hydrometeorological and climate information for disaster risk reduction. The event will be streamed live from Geneva on the World Meteorological Day, March 23 from 14.00 to 15.30 pm CET, and available on-demand afterwards.


We need reliable and accurate data – to make considered, smart decisions

In this time of uncertainty, the importance of reliable observations and forecasts is constantly increasing. Only accurate data enables us to understand and act on the most pressing challenges affecting for example infrastructure, trade, national security, urbanization, and health. It is also important to communicate the message and enable the people at risk to take action. This information must be on time, accurate, and easy to understand.

For main elements to an effective warning system


Vaisala participates in understanding, mitigating, and adapting to climate change through its business. Furthermore, Vaisala is deeply engaged with selected universities and scientific research institutes around the world. Our weather measurement technology helps experts and scientists to produce accurate data and understand the complex phenomenon. We help our customers establish weather and environmental observation networks and improve the capacity to respond to environmental challenges that affect our daily lives.

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WMO SG Petteri Taalas on Early Warning And Early Action for World Meteorological Day 2022

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