Modern severe weather prediction

Dark cloudy sky above a field
Weather & Environment
4 P.M. UTC

Severe weather is defined as any dangerous meteorological phenomenon that represents a risk to life, property or requires intervention by the authorities.

In recent years the number and severity of these types of weather events such as tornadoes, wind gusts, tropical cyclones, waterspouts, sandstorms, forest fires, hail, electrical storms, monsoons and tropical cyclones has increased alarmingly. For this reason, it is necessary for the competent organizations to have early warning systems to guarantee the safety of the communities.

Join us in this webinar to learn about:
•    The importance of acquiring information from various sources and ability to integrate the data for accurate predictions.
•    Providing accurate data- and model-based predictions for different purposes, such as early warning systems
•    Elements needed for setting up remote sensing systems and data flows for easy access to information and ability to integrate data to characterize weather phenomena

Who should attend:

Decision-makers in meteorology, industry, and anyone interested in tracking severe weather for their communities.


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