What's New in viewLinc 5.1

Support for Modbus-enabled Devices

– viewLinc capabilities now include Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU Serial. 

– Modbus is a standard communication protocol that enables the addition of any Vaisala transmitter that uses Modbus, or a third-party Modbus device.

– Incorporate unlimited parameters into viewLinc: particle counters, flow and liquid measurements, CO₂, and other sensors.


Voice, SMS and Light Tower Alarming

-    Set up notifications by voice call tree or SMS using a third-party web service.

-    Wider range of notification options: onscreen, email, SMS, alarm towers with sirens, relay to existing alarm service, and voice calls.

-    Voice call capabilities include a configurable call tree to prioritize recipients.

-    Alarms can be acknowledged via voice call or SMS.

-    Optional additional licenses required for voice call and SMS with service agreement and user account with local provider.

Vaisala OPC UA Server

-    OPC UA is  an industry standard tool – simple to set up with no custom programming.

-    Brings real-time and historical  data from viewLinc into your existing systems: data historians, manufacturing execution systems, building automation systems, etc.

-    viewLinc is inexpensive and simple to validate; integrating viewLinc data adds power to your systems without extensive and complex validation.

-    Allows your existing systems to leverage Vaisala’s industry leading sensors.

Vaisala viewLinc Application Programming Interface

–    Use the HTTP web API to initiate requests for data in viewLinc from third party applications.

–    Creates a direct connection between the viewLinc database and any system or software.

–    Allows a flexible custom interface with viewLinc’s database, including: measurement locations, location status, current and historical measurements, alarm status and acknowledgement.  

–    One time programming task to build integration between viewLinc and your system.