Lightning Threat Zone API

Unlock the power of lightning nowcasts in any application, globally.

    Easily integrated API

    The Lightning Threat Zone API provides lightning nowcasts data for anywhere in the world and is can be easily queried, so you can populate your existing weather tracking tools with the exact information end users need for better situational awareness of thunderstorm and lightning risks.

    Easily incorporate comprehensive and reliable lightning forecast information to reach both targeted and broad user segments with a collective weather platform.

    Single-source access

    Integrate 24/7/365 global thunderstorm and lightning data for end users in even the most remote locations from a single data source with an uptime of 99.99+%. It includes an additional information layer that provides forecast polygons and velocity vector data for each identified storm so users can better predict their specific lightning risk.

    More localized

    Be able to integrate the continuously updating lightning nowcast data required to localize thunderstorm forecasts with global coverage that does not depend on other weather inputs. Users will benefit from knowing if a thunderstorm is going to approach them or simply pass by without much safety risk.

    earlier detection

    Real-time coverage of storm systems across the globe will let end users know about potential severe thunderstorms sooner. They can start planning sooner based on nowcasts that provide storm and lightning data up to 60-minutes out, in 10-minute increments.

    Deliver operational benefit for your users with Lightning Threat Zone API

    Contact Vaisala for access to high-quality lightning forecasts and real-time lightning data anywhere in the world to easily integrate into your weather tools and see for yourself just how much the power of the best lightning information and forecasts anywhere in the world can expand your platform’s capabilities to attract more end users.

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