Success Story: IP&L uses mobile DGA solution to gain insight into aging transformers

Vaisala Delta X AES


Vaisala and Delta-X Research combine forces to analyze the tell tale signs of aging in multiple transformers within AES Indiana's fleet (formerly Indianapolis Power & Light).   Not only will you learn the benefits of the cloud-based analytic software tool but you will grasp how AES Indiana reaped the benefits of implementing a mobile DGA monitor within their fleet.  This case dives into the Transformer Oil Analysttm software analysis on one particular 1967 step-up transformer (69-280kVA) while expanding on the convenience of the OPT100 Mobile's ability to monitor transformer performance and gas condition across the organizations entire portfolio. 

Topics include: 

  • Benefits of the OPT100 Mobile  
  • Integration with TOA software with Monitor Watch  
  • Comparison with traditional sampling methods 
  • Ease of use   

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