Transmissometer LT31 Operation and Maintenance Training

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at any technician or engineering staff that will maintain, calibrate, troubleshoot or operate the LT31/LM21. What are the course requirements? This is a four day training course and the maximum number of people we can accommodate is eight. 

The course is taught in English and due to the hands on nature of the training and we recommend it takes place at the Vaisala Factory (head office) in Helsinki, Finland. If the course will occur at a customer’s site we will need classroom facilities with projector and also access to an operational LT31 as it is essential that the relevant hardware and software is available for practice on. An electronic copy of the material presented and course handouts will be provided to each trainee.

A comprehensive, hands-on training course for the Vaisala LT31 and LM21 operation and maintenance. This in-depth four-day course gives you practical training on how to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot LT31 and LM21.


Further details and course arrangements

Contact us at [email protected] for further details and to arrange this training course. The course can be held at your premises or an appropriate Vaisala site. The maximum number of participants is eight. For courses held at your premises, please be advised that we may require full and uninterrupted access to the products and systems covered in the training throughout the duration of the course. We may also require a classroom with a whiteboard and projector.

Course highlights

  • Basic overview - You'll learn a basic overview of the operational use of the sensor group
  • Preventative maintenance techniques - You will learn preventative maintenance techniques which will prevent any unnecessary interruption of data flow from the LT31/LM21
  • Troubleshooting techniques - The trainee will learn troubleshooting techniques that will allow them to identify a problem and follow the necessary steps to fix it quickly which will minimize down time.