Wx Road Insights

Data-as-a-Service and the new road to safety.

    DaaS has come to road maintenance

    Agencies often rely on general forecasts, sometimes with the addition of weather stations, to plan and react to winter events. Not everyone wants to (or can) manage a modern road network maintenance solution on their own.

    Vaisala Wx Road Insights is a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) framework that provides accurate, reliable and consistent road weather data which can substantially change and improve your road maintenance practices.


    Provides safety-critical observations


    Wx Road Insights delivers highly accurate, local and real-time road surface conditions. Typical observation nodes include mobile surface condition, surface temperature, surface condition and grip.

    You can adjust or scale your Wx Road Insights deployment just like other Vaisala solutions, and have confidence knowing it will only improve as Vaisala continues to develop new enhancements.


    Saves time and costs

    Snowplow working

    For most organizations, progressing from a forecast or observation approach to an operational approach requires funding, technology and new practices — an expensive and time-consuming process.

    Wx Road Insights minimizes agencies’ infrastructure responsibilities while providing access to data that supports better decision-making. Because Vaisala maintains the equipment and communications, you can focus on what you do best: Keeping your road network safe and well-maintained.


    Responsive to modern needs

    Snowplow night time

    Wx Road Insights provides many benefits for winter maintenance organizations. The solution improves data quality and reliability, simplifies operations and provides budget consistency. It also makes it easy for organizations to modernize their winter maintenance strategy and processes.

    Download the Wx Road Insights brochure, which includes the story of how one US organization improved their processes, gained new visibility of road conditions, and optimized road treatments to save costs and minimize environmental impact.


    Winter road maintenance

    Winter weather is a threat to safe and efficient travel, and it can cause damage to road networks. To make informed road management decisions, you need effective monitoring solutions and timely access to accurate surface condition data during snow and ice events.

    Vaisala’s road maintenance technology and solutions, including fixed and mobile road weather stations and sensors, provide highly accurate data when you need it the most

    Learn more about our full suite of winter maintenance solutions, and drive improvement in your road maintenance strategy.

    Winter driving conditions
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