X-Band Weather Radar WRS400 for Meteorology

Detailed & localized weather detection

X-band weather radar is raising the bar in precision and reliability for modern weather radar systems. The technology outperforms conventional rain gauge networks, fills gaps left by C and S-band radar, and provides exceptional measurements for meteorological and hydrological applications. Vaisala's X-band Weather Radar WRS400 detects:

  • The exact path and precipitation level of a storm system
  • Precipitation type and amount close to the ground
  • Ground-level storm disruptions such as tornadoes

As part of a fully integrated and optimized radar network, WRS400 radar helps fill gaps in radar coverage; especially in mountainous terrain, low altitudes, and wind farms.

With WRS400's detailed and localized information, meteorological agencies can gain the comprehensive coverage needed to help communities and citizens better prepare for the weather ahead.

ightning strike detector, lightning stroke, vaisala lightning detection
ightning strike detector, lightning stroke, vaisala lightning detection

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