X-Band Weather Radar WRS400

Highly accurate, real-time measurements for a short-range solution with unparalleled resolution from almost ground level.


    x-band weather radar


    X-band Weather Radar WRS400 is short-range radar that is perfect for detailed localized weather detection. It can also be used to fill in the common detection gaps in traditional long-range networks to form a complete weather radar system that is unparalleled in quality and consistency.


    Vaisala’s WRS400 delivers detailed storm system data that includes the exact path and precipitation levels, precipitation type and ground-level amounts, and ground-level disturbances such as microbursts and tornadoes.

    This is critical weather information for those preparing for storms, hurricanes, and other dangerous weather conditions.


    The WRS400 boasts a compact design, plug-and-play installation, and simple integration into radar networks. This simplifies site selection and allows you to be up and running within a week.

    Although the unit is primarily designed for fixed installations, its design enables for relatively easy transport from one location to another.


    WRS400 radar delivers highly accurate, comprehensive measurement data with exceptional resolution and precision. It is extremely effective for short-range meteorological surveillance applications.

    The WRS400 is engineered to work 24/7 in humidity, high altitude, structural icing, dust, wind, power outages, and other demanding conditions.


    Independent solid-state transmitters provide excellent accuracy and sensitivity, and allow the WRS400 to deliver more precise, higher-resolution weather information.

    Built-in monitoring and internal redundancies improve system maintainability and reliability. This makes it an extremely reliable system for monitoring strategic locations.


    The WRS400 can be easily integrated into radar networks built on Vaisala’s own C-band Series Weather Radar, WindCube lidar, or other radars on the market.

    As part of a fully integrated and optimized radar network, WRS400 radar helps fill gaps in radar coverage; especially in mountainous terrain, low altitudes, and wind farms.


    Rugged construction, easy deployment, and minimal maintenance requirements make WRS400 radar a highly affordable solution for accurate, short-range weather monitoring needs.

    Its compact design that features solid state transmitters reduces overall system complexity and adds to the easy maintainability.

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