X-Band Weather Radar

WRS400 for Aviation

A crucial asset for airport safety and efficiency, with outstanding data for fast, correct operational decisions.

Stay ahead of aviation weather

Vaisala's X-Band Weather Radar WRS400 is ideally suited for fast-changing aviation situations where quick, decisive actions are crucial.

The system boasts a compact design, plug-and-play installation, and simple integration into existing radar networks. WRS400 is the ideal technology for filling gaps in established C-band and S-band radar networks. Independent solid-state transmitters provide excellent accuracy and sensitivity, allowing WRS400 to deliver precise, high-resolution awareness of the key weather phenomena that affect aviation operations most. These include:

  • Windshear
  • Hail
  • Freezing rain
  • Thunderstorms
  • Microbursts

Built-in monitoring and internal redundancies improve system maintainability and reliability, and WRS400 maintains outstanding data availability in almost any conditions or location. The unit also has minimal maintenance requirements, low system complexity, and low investment and operational costs over a long service life.

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Get Started with X-Band Weather Radar WRS400

X-Band Weather Radar WRS400 is a reliable asset for a variety of applications, especially airports and aviation. Contact us now to learn how easy it is to integrate into your operations — and how it can enable you to meet your most pressing challenges.